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Brand identity it is a tool for forming the image of the company. It includes graphics, fonts, colors, slogans, and sometimes even sounds and smells that make a brand unique.
A well-designed brand identity can help you attract new customers and grow your business.
We know that a strong brand identity is key to success in any business. That's why we offer a business identity service that will help you create a unique and memorable brand that represents your company perfectly.

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What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is a broad term. But first of all, it means a set of visual elements. It is with images that the consumer interacts most often: on advertising banners, on social networks, on websites and on product packaging. Consider the main components of the identity, its functions, carriers and features of creating a corporate identity.
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What is included in the brand identity?

Your brand identity is what sets you apart from your competitors and helps you build a strong relationship with your customers. It includes your logo, colors, fonts, and other elements that make up your brand. A well-designed brand identity can help you attract new customers and grow your business.

There are two types of brand identities: small and large. Small brand identities include the minimum required for brand identification, such as a corporate font, color, logo, and layout rules. This is ideal for small companies and startups that have a limited budget and fewer channels of communication with consumers.

Large brand identities are more comprehensive and can include everything from brand guidelines to a detailed style guide. This is ideal for businesses that want to create a strong, consistent brand that will be recognized across all channels.

Logo for company identity

The logo is the basis of the corporate identity of any business. It represents the name of the company, designed in a certain way: using a unique font style or written using the lettering technique. The logo helps the consumer understand which brand the product or advertisement belongs to and remember the company more quickly. It is important that the word can be easily read, the typeface looks good at any scale, and the plasticity of the letters reflects the character of the brand.
Logo design for our customers

Corporate colors in brand identity

Color is the visual characteristic of objects that we pay attention to in the first place. You may not remember what the Starbucks symbol is, but you definitely remember that it is green. You can hardly describe the Bounty packaging in detail either, but everyone knows that it is blue. Brand colors are a very important component of the identity, they contribute to recognition.
Sometimes there is only one corporate color, and if necessary, there can be three to five.

A large number of shades are often chosen by large companies or ecosystems. The more colors, the more difficult the rules for their combination will be: among them, they choose the main and additional shades that need to be used in different ratios. For small companies, one or two corporate colors are usually enough. The limited range of colors makes the brand image coherent and makes it easier to work with the design.
Our color palette creating for permanent customers

Corporate fonts

Any brand needs to place texts on flyers, on a website or in posts on social networks - therefore, at least one corporate font is needed for any company. There may be more - for example, two or three. Fonts can be useful for separating headings from body text or for different communication channels.
Sometimes typefaces are designed specifically for a particular company: IBM has its own fonts or National Geographic. But most brands choose from publicly available fonts. For example, Ikea uses the Noto headset

Benefits of using brand identity for any business

Creates a unique image of the company and helps to rebuild from competitors
It is important for any business to be different from companies that sell similar products or services so that the consumer does not get confused.
Helps identify goods or services
Even with a glance at the shelf with familiar packages, the buyer will understand by the colors and logos where the product is from the brand he needs. A loyal consumer will be able to take goods quickly and without looking, even without paying attention to other brands.
Helps to remember
Even with a glance at the shelf with familiar packages, the buyer will understand by the colors and logos where the product is from the brand he needs. A loyal consumer will be able to take goods quickly and without looking, even without paying attention to other brands.
It has an emotional impact on the audience
Buyers do not always make a choice rationally - emotions play an important role. If the images included in the identity are attractive to the target audience and evoke positive associations, people will be more loyal to such a brand.
Translates the values of the company
Each brand has its own characteristics: it can be innovative or traditional, accessible or upmarket, serious or funny, discreet or eccentric. All these values can be conveyed to the audience with the help of graphics. Colors, fonts and images, of course, will not completely replace words, but they will make the advertising message more convincing and help to attract attention.
Saves money and time
When creating a corporate identity design, professionals make sure that it is easy to maintain. A single color palette, fonts, modular grids and illustrations make it easy to create new design layouts for advertising or packaging. Instead of inventing something from scratch every time, you can use ready-made solutions that will work for the recognition and integrity of the image.
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Where you can use your company's corporate identity

The audience always sees logos, fonts and patterns in context: for example, on a sign, on a box, or on a screen in a commercial. Identity carriers are any objects on which branded elements are placed. Small businesses can only include social media posts and product packaging, while large companies have a lot of branded products for different needs.
Business documents and business cards
Advertising printing (flyers, catalogs, posters and billboards)
Presentations for partners or investors
Stationery for the office (notebooks, pens, forms, stickers)
Merch (hoodies, T-shirts, notebooks, smartphone cases, mugs and other souvenirs)
Decor elements for offices and retail outlets
Vehicle design
packaging of goods and packages
Websites, landing pages and mobile applications
Visual communications in social networks (posts, stories, covers, widgets)
Email newsletters
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Why corporate identity is important for businesses of all sizes?

Creating a strong corporate identity is important for businesses of all sizes. Even if you're a small business or startup, you need to have a well-defined image and brand that customers can connect with. Establishing a professional and consistent look for your business can help you build trust and credibility with potential and existing customers.


In conclusion, using a corporate identity can be extremely beneficial for any business. It helps to create a unique image, rebuild from competitors, and save money and time. Corporate identity can also help to identify goods or services, remember the company, and evoke emotions in the audience. Additionally, corporate identity can translate the values of the company and be used in a variety of applications, from business documents to social media posts. Any business, large or small, can benefit from creating and using a corporate identity.

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