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We offer high-quality business card
printing services that can be delivered to Ireland and worldwide. Our high-quality business cards are perfect for representing your business or professional identity.

Prices for printing business cards including:

Double-sided color printing

All prices in the table include shipping within Ireland 7-10 working days. Delivery is also available to other countries. Contact us to get the price of delivery to your country (

We will check your print files and will make modifications if necessary (e.g. adding a
missing bleed). If we cannot use your print files, we will contact you via e-mail.

Our printed production

Gregorian Interiors
1000 business cards 350 gsm paper plus matt lamination. 5000 flyers 135 gsm paper gloss.
Minde windows
2500 business crads 350 gsm paper plus matt lamination. 2000 brochures, 4 page, A5 size, 170 gsm paper.
Nails by Kate
1000 business cards 350 gsm paper. 500 flyers 135 gsm paper gloss.
Sunrise Beauty
500 business crads 350 gsm paper. 1000 brochures, 8 page, Dl size, 130 gsm paper. 250 gift vouchers 350 gsm paper.
2000 business cards. 400 gsm writable paper.
Minde construction
2500 business crads 350 gsm paper plus matt lamination. 2000 brochures, 4 page, A5 size, 170 gsm paper.

How to order business cards

Send your print files
Send your print files and your delivery address to our email:
(If you don`t have a design, we can make it for you. Single side business cards 25 euro, double-sided 35 euro)

Print files check
We will check your print files for free and will make modifications if necessary. After checking the files, we will send you an invoice to your e-mail. (If we cannot use your print files, we will contact you via e-mail)
Payment and order sending
You can pay for your order by transferring to our bank account or via PayPal. Bank details will be on your invoice. After receiving payment, your order will be printed and sent to you.

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Standard business cards 350 / 400 gsm paper

This option is considered the leader in printing business cards, both in terms of quality and affordability. Thanks to the flat surface of the material, you can achieve a high level of color rendition and obtain clear images without distortion. There are two types of coated paper:

Glossy - white coated paper 350–400 gsm. It has an affordable cost, and the images on it look clear and bright.

Matte - differs from gloss in the absence of gloss and a higher density in the range of 350-400 g / m2. It is often used in cases when a lot of textual information needs to be applied to the map, since texts are better perceived on a matte background.

Back side writable business cards

Client devotion is significant for guaranteeing long haul deals, and a faithfulness card is a simple to approach to advance this. For instance, stylists offer the tenth cut free, or you can clean your vehicle for nothing after the ninth wash. A reward framework is suggested for a wide range of organizations – flower vendors, pastry kitchens or even dental specialists.

At, you can utilize various alternatives to structure your dedication cards in a high-caliber, alluring way.
Always remember another arrangement – Appointment cards
Simply left your primary care physician's medical procedure and as of now overlooked your next registration date? Or then again do you know when your vehicle is planned for a tire change? In the event that you yourself run a training or offer a help at explicit occasions, you can without much of a stretch have arrangement cards printed here at, in enormous amounts and at low online costs!

Premium business cards 400 gsm paper plus gloss/matt laminating

Cellophane covering includes applying a skinny film to the print item. This refines your items, yet additionally makes them progressively hearty and in this way increasingly sturdy. Contingent upon client prerequisites, this film is then given a lustrous or matt impact.

The accompanying items can be requested at with cellophane covering: Flyers, postcards, banners, schedules, business cards, handouts (coat), magazines (coat), ring covers, organizers and entryway holders.

Folded 4 page business cards 350 gsm paper

Want to convey more than just your company address and name on your business card? Then use the back or even a fold-out card to present your promotional messages or unique selling points! At, you can choose from two different types of paper cards.

Enhance your business cards with high-quality matt or gloss lamination

Groundwood pulp board
575 gsm 1.4 mm

Why not try something unusual with a high-quality groundwood pulpboard in a thickness of 1.4 millimeters at a grammage of 575 gsm? This is cardboard made of shredded wood with a slightly cream coloring.

This coloring results from the lignin content of the cardboard. The material ensures that your business cards are stable and the slightly structured surface of the cardboard is very suitable for printing.

Luxecore business cards 750 gsm. Made of two white paper sheets (top and bottom) with a coloured insert in-between.

Reaching the highest state of excellence in the colours blue, black and red. Bright white, chamois, linen or ribbed premium paper.
750 gsm. A masterpiece of texture and weight. Be impressed by perfection

Different kinds of premium papers for

You can choose between Luxecore Chamois, Luxecore Ribbed, Luxecore Bright White and Luxecore Linen. This way, high-quality printing products can be highlighted twice – once with the elegant Luxecore colour core and at the same time with the special properties of premium papers!
Premium chamois
The word Chamois originates from French. The premium chamois paper has a warm natural colour (cream white) and is suitable for printing products that are supposed to stand out from the ordinary white paper. It offers a velvet-like surface similar to the bright white paper and feels particularly luxurious.
Premium bright white
Our premium bright white paper is an extra white paper with a very smooth and velvety surface. The bright white paper from is set apart by a degree of whiteness of 162% ± 4% CIE.
Letterheads with premium bright white paper makes a particularly valuable impression and gives business mail a professional and at the same time high-quality appearance.
Premium ribbed
The premium ribbed and premium linen papers belong to the structure papers. Ribbed paper is often referred to as Vergé paper. The white surface of the ribbed paper from is fluted and, thanks to its exceptional feel, ideal for Letterheads as well as for high-quality Invitations or Greeting cards.

Premium linen
Like the ribbed paper, the premium linen paper belongs to the textured papers. As the name suggests, linen paper is reminiscent of linen in terms of its surface structure; it is thus embossed and is particularly soft to the touch.

Business cards with linen paper are particularly elegant and well-received by business partners. However, the premium linen paper from is also ideal for documents or other special occasions.

Plastic business cards PVC 750 gms plus varnishing

Plastic cards are more than just simple plastic print products in credit card format. When we print your plastic cards, they are transformed into chic membership cards, secure access cards or attractive customer cards. You are completely free to choose your motifs and imprints yourself. Whether in corporate design or with simple plain lettering, with you rely on one of the biggest online printers in Europe to realise the plastic cards professionally and in top-quality at low cost. It makes no difference whether you start with 25 or need 50,000 cards – thanks to our state-of-the-art printing technology, we can reliably and rapidly realise any order size.

We print all plastic card on both sides in landscape format using the 4/4 CMYK printing process. The format of the cards is always 85.6 x 54 mm. This way, these cards can be comfortably kept in credit card cases and provided with standard covers.
Business cards printing

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sizes of business cards?

European business cards are 85 x 55 mm, the second most popular size is 90 x 50 mm. in Japan the standard size of business cards is 91 x 55 mm, while in the USA the following sizes are used more often: 88.9 x 50.8 mm and 89 x 51 mm.

Creative people, or just those who like to stand out from the crowd, do not have to be limited to established and common business card formats. You can order a square business card or a four-sided one that folds and opens like a postcard. By the way, this format of a business card can be used by those people who are forced to give a large amount of information that cannot fit on a regular business card, and written in small print will simply go unnoticed. However, if you want to stand out, do not forget about the convenience of those to whom you will give your business cards in the future. If there is no special need, then it is better to choose the optimal size, which will be conveniently stored in a business card holder or wallet pocket.

We recommended to use the usual size of 85 x 55 mm, as this corresponds to the size of a check card, which fits into all common cases. Under no circumstances should you increase the width of your business card!
Business cards printing

Making design for business card

One of the biggest mistakes any designer makes is trying to do too much. Sometimes the designer is afraid that the business card will come out too "simple", and everyone will think that he seems to be incomplete ("What kind of design is this, I can do it myself!").
It is for this reason that often business cards come with unusual fonts, meaningless geometric patterns and "Photoshop" shadows, reliefs and other unnecessary effects. In such business cards the design is visible, but the information should be visible. A few words about the logic of placing information on a business card. To better see the information, it should be arranged in accordance with the elementary laws of layout, which, in turn, are based on the laws of human perception.

All elements must be aligned, vertically and horizontally, and grouped logically. Each element must have a free margin. In order for the eye to comfortably see the element, to linger on it, it must be surrounded by emptiness, otherwise it causes discomfort. the hierarchy of elements must be observed. On a business card there is something that should be seen first of all, but there is something that a person will find when necessary. And it is worth making noticeable differences between different information blocks - in font size, color, position on the business card.

Sometimes you can see a business card with 4 phone numbers, legal and actual address, a 6-word position and a map. Perfectly! But two people have to understand - a business card with a lot of text is very difficult to make beautiful. Therefore, if you choose information for a business card, try to get by with the bare minimum. Think about how it will be convenient for a person to contact you? How would you like to, what is the best way to contact you? Maybe just leave your name, occupation, phone number and email? And add the URL of the site where everything else is?
The font and its size.
One of the most pernicious delusions of business card customers is that the TEXT MUST BE BIG. But this is not always correct. Small text is always read more attentively than large text, because a person has a subconscious feeling that something important is being written in small text. There is no reason to be afraid that "people will not read such a small text". Any modern person is accustomed to small text, and if he has vision problems, he always has glasses.
To be more specific, try to use a font size (size) no larger than 8, but no less than 6 (simply because less it may not print). But it all depends on the font you choose.
A good logo adorns a business card. Bad - disfigures. It's that simple. If there is no good logo, then it is better to do without it. Let your first and last name be a brand name. Of course, this is unacceptable for corporate customers, but they are much better with logos.

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