GIFT VOUCHERS 100 X 210 mm

Double side color printing
300-350 gsm textured papers
delivery included in the price
Standard delivery 7-10 working days
delivery available by request
Express delivery 2-4 working days available
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Premium chamois
The word Chamois originates from French. The premium chamois paper has a warm natural colour (cream white) and is suitable for printing products that are supposed to stand out from the ordinary white paper. It offers a velvet-like surface similar to the bright white paper and feels particularly luxurious.
Premium linen
Like the ribbed paper, the premium linen paper belongs to the textured papers. As the name suggests, linen paper is reminiscent of linen in terms of its surface structure; it is thus embossed and is particularly soft to the touch.

Business cards with linen paper are particularly elegant and well-received by business partners. However, the premium linen paper from is also ideal for documents or other special occasions.
Premium ribbed
The premium ribbed and premium linen papers belong to the structure papers. Ribbed paper is often referred to as Vergé paper. The white surface of the ribbed paper from is fluted and, thanks to its exceptional feel, ideal for Letterheads as well as for high-quality Invitations or Greeting cards.

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Data check
Having print files checked
We will check your print files based on specific technical criteria and will make modifications if necessary (e.g. adding a missing bleed). If we cannot use your print files, we will contact you via e-mail. Production will start after you have corrected the print files.

Note: We do not check for spelling mistakes and typesetting errors.

What will be checked in the data check?

Is the resolution sufficient?

Has the bleed been designed correctly?

Format deviations
Does the format of your print files match the format of the product ordered?
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Data format:
Data format (incl. 2.00 mm bleed): 104 x 214 mm
Trimmed size: 100 x 210 mm

Data info:

PDF or JPEG files

Resolution at least 300 dpi for an original image size of.

Include a surrounding trim of 2 mm, important information should be at least 4 mm
from the edge of the final format size

Fonts must be completely imbedded or converted to curves.

Colour mode CMYK
If your delivery country is not on the list
If your delivery country not in the list, we can make design
for your print production and you can order printing
at your local printing company.
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